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Work Anywhere

Work from anywhere. Conduct business from home. Access all your business tools online. Schedule phone calls, online meetings, or face to face appointments, you got all the options.

On Your Own Schedule

You create your own schedule. Work on the side of your job, or go part-time or full-time. 

Online Training

Receive all training online, from onboarding, closing deals, sales training, marketing training, product training, all from your phone or computer.

Top Commissions

Start off at top commissions right off the bat and get paid right away. With the ability to grow fast and earn even more.

Amazing Perks

Car Allowance, Company Retreats, Mortgage Allowance... As you grow within the company, it only gets better.

Revenue Share

Bring in people and build your own team to grow your business and earn even more.

Lead Generation

Receive access to a groundbreaking lead generating system to reach new clients and recruit new partners.

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to grow your business on social media and grow your business and brand beyond your expectations.


Gain access to quality content to promote your business and run ads and also learn about creating your own content.


A lot of people are conditioned to think they don't have what it takes to achieve life-changing success, many people think it's too late for them, other people think achieving that type of success is such a long, complicated and risky path that they don't even consider it.

Well, those people are wrong. You do have what it takes, and it's not too late. And the path to achieving great success, through Exertus, is a straight forward road, paved by decades of experience, providing you all the tools and support you need to get where you want to go.


Exertus Financial Partners combines network marketing and insurance sales, and no experience is needed to join because at Exertus we have a complete training system ready for you to learn everything you need to know, online.

Once you join, you will get trained and become licensed, to then go out there and start teaching other people about the amazing financial strategies and tools Exertus will teach you about. These products and strategies will help people manage their finances, save money, plan their retirement, eliminate their debts, protect their future, and the future of their loved ones. You will help people and get paid top commissions for doing that. You will also be able to invite other people to join Exertus and become partners like you, and by building your team you will earn even more.

All you need is mindset.

To learn, to grow, to work hard, and to succeed.

That's how Exertus works.

"I had no idea about insurance and no experience in sales, but I was so tired of struggling that I gave it a shot. And I am so glad I did." - Kyle S. - Read More...

You are invited to a free online event to learn more about the Exertus Opportunity. Join us any Wednesday 1 PM PT at

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